Why is an employee important to a company?

To have the right employee can be extremely essential to a company. If an employee isn’t doing the job as he or she should, it can cause huge consequences regarding the economy and other aspects in a company. I think it’s paramount that employees are self-propelled and independent in their work. You don’t want to spend too much time helping an…

We have money for NGOs but not for startups!

One thing is for sure, we Europeans have a real need to “do good” for people in the Third World (as we call it). There’s not a country which has not had a big live donation TV show, where people donate millions to help poor families in the Third World. In addition to this, many people make a monthly donation…

Meine Generation hat ihr Erbe nicht verstanden!

Vor 30 Jahren sind meine Eltern af die Strasse gegangen um für Freiheit und gegen ein System zu demonstrieren. Ein Kampf der so wichtig war, dass mein Vater nicht einmal an der Geburt seines Kindes teilnahm. Diese Generation kämpfte nicht nur für sich. Sie kämpfte auch für die kommende Generation, die in einem freien und geeinten Deutschland aufwachsen sollte. Diese…


Benjamin delivers lecture about entrepreneurship. Rather than focus on his individual success stories, he drill down into identifying risks, errors and overcoming the challenges on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

He has developed six main points which he sees as integral to reaching success, which he presents in his high-energy sessions. Throughout his extensive career he has faced both the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, by drawing on their own experiences they aim to help prepare you for the hard work and potential hazards ahead in growing your own company.

If you are interested in booking a lecture, feel free to contact Benjamin.

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