How to tell your parents that you want to become an arms dealer!

Most parents likely wish for their kids to have a great future and do even better in life than they did themselves. They want them to get an education and a good job. Very few parents would probably support their kids in becoming self-employed. My parents are no different. Even though my family has a long history of being self-employed,…

You have to be crazy to be self-employed!

People sometimes ask me why I became self-employed. I always answer that I’d probably be the worst employee in the world because I hate working for other people. The truth is, that I love working with other people but I can’t stand being dependent on others. I first had the chance to be my own boss when I was 14…

Can you build a business by drinking coffee?

I’m often asked: do you just drink coffee all day?This question usually comes from people wondering if I just hop from café to café every day or if I actually get some work done. The short answer is simple but of course, there’s more to a meeting than showing up for the caffeine boost. Yes, I do drink a lot…


Benjamin delivers lecture about entrepreneurship. Rather than focus on his individual success stories, he drill down into identifying risks, errors and overcoming the challenges on the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

He has developed six main points which he sees as integral to reaching success, which he presents in his high-energy sessions. Throughout his extensive career he has faced both the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, by drawing on their own experiences they aim to help prepare you for the hard work and potential hazards ahead in growing your own company.

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