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Benjamin Huss is a 30-year-old German entrepreneur who has been based in Denmark for the past 12 years. Having originally come to Denmark to play professional handball, he has since made the country his home and is raising his family in Aarhus.

Since 2014, Benjamin has turned his attention to fostering and investing in innovative start-ups. He is particularly interested in the initial generation of business and identifying pathways to economic success. After investigating the current resources available to help emerging entrepreneurs, he saw a gap in both public and private support.

Benjamin believes that securing the optimal team with the right skills is the key to establishing a successful company, and that capital comes second. Based on his own experience of building Lasergame Group in 16 countries, he recognised that success came when all areas of the company could cooperate. He has applied this same idea to Huss Group’s investments, and the suite of businesses they have acquired not only complement one another, but are encouraged to cooperate and collaborate.
Building Lasergame Group has not only taught him a great deal about how to succeed as an entrepreneur, but broadened his marketing and sales experience, especially with regard to how to use sport and sponsorship to advertise one’s product.

In addition to running his own operations, Benjamin is an active member of the business community and a mentor for several start-ups in both Africa and Europe. If you are interested in hearing more about his thoughts on entrepreneurship, you are welcome to contact Benjamin or book him for a lecture.

Benjamin Huss

is a german entrepreneur,
who loves learning from other entrepreneurs.
He believes that the power of success lies in common work.

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